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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hectic Week: Day 1.


*Ni nak feeling professional sket. Jadi entri harini adalah dalam English. Ehem...*

After my practical week at Felda Prodata System Sdn. Bhd. is over, i have so many things to do. I need to settle my repeat exam (now i feel angry because if only i pass my risk theory test previously, i can swing my legs (goyang kaki) at my village waiting for my graduation day). So my hectic week started yesterday, as i started to live at my buddy's room at Rahim Kajai College. Yes, I'm going back to UKM just for a sake of studying.

I feel happy at first because i can meet my old friends who still have 1 year to finish their studying. They need to finish their 4-year course while i only need 3 years to finish my course. And that feeling is still same. Just when i think about this repeat exam, and the subject which i did not understand at all, i want to rage. I want to find the table so i can flip it to express my anger. Like it or not, i need to study that subject, or otherwise, i will fail again in the repeat exam and i will need to wait a year until i can graduate. Just hope that my lecturer will pass my paper. I think she need to do it. She cant stand to teach a lazy student like me. Haha...

This week also, I have about 4 job interviews. This is unexpected. Why i said so? Because i think my coursemate still struggling to get a job. Some of them get a permanent job at their company where they had their practical assessment. Congrats! Compare to my friends, my pointer is the lowest among them. I didn't have to tell my CGPA accurately. Just imagine, my super duper lower CGPA will not allowed me to get a better job. Yeah, there is still a company which put the person with higher CGPA as a priority, despite their skill at work. I didn't blame them. They have rights.

Get an interview for me is like a miracle because i thought that nobody will hire me, as my CGPA is bad enough to tell all about myself. I am really really grateful to ALLAH.

So my journey start yesterday. Wake up in the morning feeling like P-Diddy.... WTH?? No. Wake up, Doing my Subuh, wearing something nice and get ready to going back to UKM. Just so you know, i'm really bad at packing my things. I tend to bring something unnecessary an as a result, im feeling stuffed and bulky. And I'm not driving or riding a motorcycle. I'm taking a bus and KTM. So just imagine how uncomfortable i was. Not to mention the others. There is one nyonya who sitting infront of me in the bus, facing me, keep touching my things because she cant sit properly, due to my stuff. I feel annoyed with her. *Sorry for being racist for a while*

To make it short, i arrived at UKM at 9 o'clock approximately. After putting my bags in my buddy's room, i take a rest for a while because i will have so many things to do later. When i feel energized for a while, i take out my formal attire. I need it for my interview in the evening. After iron it and take a bath, i wear it and make a move to Pusanika, UKM. I need to fill my stomach. Then i buy a management file to put my resume and SPM slip into it. Then i go to the cyber cafe below to print some document an resume, and to the photostat shop tp photostat my IC card and my SPM slip. Oh, my SPM certificate was missing in action. Later, i need to get a copy at Putrajaya. :(

At noon, i take a bus to KTM. And i arrive at my interview place at 2 o'clock approximately. The day was so hot. I'm melting. Sweat was over my body and my shirt was wet. Before that, i get the call to attend this interview at Sunday, from a company called Rio Kiara Sdn Bhd. I never heard of it before. I reject the other interview because of the repeat exam. (rage again).  After i found the place, i entered the office and the girl welcomed me. She asked me to fill in the company form. Then i was called into the room. There was an Indian guy who will interviewed me. He asked me about myself, then my strength and weaknesses. After that, he said that i get a job as a collection officer at AEON Credit Service (M) Sdn. Bhd. He tells me about the description of the job. The interview was going smooth, as I was confirmed to get a job. Tomorrow (Wednesday, 26/9/2012) i need to report myself at AEON. Supposely i need to start to work tomorrow. Still because of repeat exam (Rage again), i need to hold it until next week.

I was lucky to get a job so fast then i expected. But now i need to study for my repeat paper. I hate it. :(

Tomorrow i will tell about what happen today.


minye said...

wow.. best giler dpt keje before grad.. hopefully aku pun mcm tu gak..

Wanine 'Lydia' said...

salam.. nak tanye bole? =) one of my friend ade dapat interview selasa ni di rio kiara sdn bhd jugak.. tapi yang pelik my friend ni course perladangan tp dapat position pun collector officer. so nak tanye macam mane dengan company tu? de buat research tadi tapi macam ade bagi negative point jugak la.. ade yang kate environment kerja kat situ pun such a hectic jugak.. positive pun ade.. so just nak tanye je la..

fbi said...

hi, sj nk komen, sy pun ex-staff aeon ni under agensi rio nilah. rio kiara ni ok je agensinya compare to other agensi ada yg teruk tw, overall kje aeon ni ok je. cuma kena pndaila adapt coz Collection kan tension dgn target menggila kejar hutang org tu kan. plus dgn ramai staff yg mcm2 perangai. collector ni tak pndang sgt pun degree, spm pun cukup malah ada staf lepasan spm mcm aku dulu pn tgi lg gaji. basic 1600+max incentive 900+ot. future keje tak jelas lebih2 lg kalau anda ada degree bek try cari keje yg sesuai dgn tahap education. keje mcm ni sesuai lah tuk cari experience

cik belbel said...

cik belbel pun dapat interview collector kat aeon credit ni. boleh share pengalaman kerja ?

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